Why choose us?

If we can't answer that question for ourselves, how can we help you differentiate your company!

Because we have a procurement heritage, we are your unique unfair advantage navigating you through the procurement process and ensuring that you get 'beyond the shortlist'

Win on your terms

'Win on your terms' recognises that clients can seek to commoditise your value proposition, and claim value from you. Many professional services firms have got onto panels, and then won no work. Or if they do win work, they have had to discount rates or hours (or both) to win the work.

And then questioned if it was all worth it!

What is needed is the ability to understand the game, play by the new rules, and win on our terms. This means making sure that there is enough value in the deal for you to make winning worthwhile.

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Procurement + negotiation + copywriting = sweet spot?

  1. Some organisations have the copywriting angle sorted in-house.
  2. But do you speak 'procurement'? We do!
  3. Our pitch is that we combine procurement, negotiation and copywriting expertise in ways that complement your in-house sales capability.
  4. And give you an unfair advantage by having procurement expertise inside your team.
We have:
trained 000s of procurement people from Miami to Manchester, from Manila to Melbourne
decades of procurement experience with blue chip organisations and public sector entities
negotiated million dollar deals on each side of the negotiation table
published a book on negotiation
designed and submitted proposals for categories from professional services to cleaning services

Paul Rogers is the solution architect for your proposal. Front of house, Paul will use his procurement insight to diagnose the issues and design the response.
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Paul has forty years procurement experience, and has been practitioner, academic and consultant. A published author on negotiation, he is engaged by clients to lead complex negotiations.
Paul is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
Andrea O'Halloran is the project manager for your proposal. Back of house, Andrea will use her organisational expertise to make sure that you meet that deadline and the content is on message.
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Andrea has 25 years sales experience, including ten years as a sales manager. Andrea also managed a national sales team and has pressed 'send' on hundreds of proposals for a diverse range of solutions