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The relationship sell is dead.

Market intel; 70% of people prefer to deal with sales reps remotely when identifying new B2B suppliers (Source: McKinsey)

The business-to-business sales process has been disrupted by clients requesting proposals. Whether you call them quotes, bids or tenders, your value proposition has to be communicated in a written proposal that may be read and evaluated by someone you may never meet. It may be evaluated alongside other proposals from who knows how many competitors. And if procurement is involved, they will seek to commoditise your offer, and that's no fun at all!

We help firms like yours win more business when responding to requests for proposal (RFP). We do this by leveraging our insight into the procurement process to share insider know-how to get you 'beyond the shortlist'.

Proposals won't always win you the business but they may get you onto the shortlist. Then you have a beauty parade and a negotiation to get the deal across the line. As a published author on negotiation we know a thing or two about negotiation.

And we can be your secret weapon!

Do any of these sound familiar?

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    We miss opportunities because the sales team don't have the bandwidth or the expertise to respond to RFPs
    Sales Director
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    There's usually a last minute 'panic' to meet the prospect's deadline
    Sales representative
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    Our proposals don't always show us in our best light
    Sales manager
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    I've lost track of how many hours have been burned in submitting responses
    Chief Financial Officer
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    Our win rate is about 20% and we don't know why this is
    Sales Manager

We equip firms to win more (and win more profitable) business

We are your 'insider insight' helping you:
Decide whether or not to bid
Decode the request for proposal
Diagnose the sophistication of the prospect
Determine the win themes that will help you win
Develop case studies that create a story about your strengths

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What have you got to lose?

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